To become a members you need to send your information through this form.

The information asked is sent to the sports federation (Sportievak) to put your insurance in order.

After confirmation by the club's secretary of your application, you will have to pay for your membership on our bank account  BE84 7360 5111 8559 (KBC/KREDBEBB).

Membership fee comes at 20 euro per season, and then you have the choice of a season pass or a 10-sessions pass.

You will pay:

  • 130 euro for a season pass (+20 euro membership)
  • 50 euro for a 10-sessions pass (+20 euro membership the first time)**

You can come and try once for free. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Ook met allerlei andere vragen kan je bij haar terecht.

**your 10-sessions pass never expires, and if you like our training so much that you buy more than one, the total amount you pay in the season is capped at 130 euros. So you never pay more than a season pass.

To have a better view on who will be attending a training, we use registration through Bookwhen: is affiliated with sports federation Sportievak, and members are insured through them.

Members are sent a digital affiliation card by Sportievak when their application has been processed.

Don't forget to check whether your helath insurance gives an annual compensation for affiliation to a sports club, and hand over the form if they do.