What is Contrapunt.club?

Contrapunt.club is an association that grew out of the initiative of some members of Schermclub Parcival. We want to promote a culture of healthy exercise, and promote fencing and a healthy sports culture for alternative target groups and fencers from outside the municipality of Leuven. To this end, we provide training for a variety of groups:


On PLANET X, stories, sports and games come together: sword in hand, we're knights and warrior princesses, astronauts and space pirates, dragons and wizards, whatever we feel like! We move and play, learn to interact with each other, discover cooperation and game rules and tactics, and together we explore whether there is a difference between doing things on the left or doing things on the right smile

For children between 6 and 10 years. There's room for the development of the child: each at his own rhythm! The training content is based on, among other things, Multimove, Teaching Games for Understanding, and storytelling techniques, and we use LARP weapons (Live Action Role Playing).

The Planet X group trains and plays on Tuesdays from 5 pm to 6.30 pm in the Sportscomplex of Kessel-Lo (first day: 7/9/2021).

Feel free to come and have a look!

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Because playing children grow up, Contrapunt.club starts this season (2021-2022) with Sabreschool Mammeluk, for children from 8 years old, on mondays from 17h15 tot 18h30 in the Sportscomplex of Kessel-Lo (first day: 6/9/2021).


Why "De Mammeluk"? It's a reference to Guergues Haouat, an old-Napoleontic soldier of the 21st regiment Light Infanty, who ended up in Leuven just before the fall of Napoleon in 1815 as an invalide of the army. Known as Coco le Mamelouk he started out as fencing master under the new regime of the Netherlands in Leuven and Brussels. And we of Contrapunt.club are totally coco of sabre!



À Pointe are training sessions for (experienced) fencers. We focus on posture and movement: in order to learn to move better and more efficiently, a fencer needs specific training with attention to individual movement patterns whether they are wrong or right. Body awareness, control of center of gravity, but also agility and strength, and tactical and cognitive elements are included (but no fencing).

This group trains on Mondays from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm in unit 2 of Sporthal Redingenhof (from Monday 6/9/2021).


There are À Pointe training sessions this summer with an hour and a half of fencing included, more information and registration via https://bookwhen.com/contrapunt

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In Beweging, or Moving, is working on your physical fitness in all gentleness, with individual accents towards strength or flexibility. The training sessions are open for everybody in whatever form or condition, from 12 years upwards (seniors included). Based on strength training for seniors, group fitness, low impact aerobics, breathing and embodiment techniques, and even an introductory series with fencing.

The training sessions are not yet set up at the moment. Interested? Do not hesitate toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

#bewegingsschool #spierversterkende oef./conditietraining